#Start Hub

Giftt Hub is a venture run by two young, enterprising individuals who are go-getters and trend-setters. Businesses are continuously on the prowl for better gifts that help them with marketing their brand and this field requires constant innovation in the products that are accommodating economically as well. With an experience of over 12 years in the retail industry Pranav who is the founder of this venture saw the immense prospect for customized merchandise in the corporate sector. Founded in 2012 under the name of Step upp, the firm has evolved as a bold brand that is fueled by its #HappyClients. Today the re- branded firm goes by the name of Giftt Hub and caters to esteemed clients that include well known brands like United Airlines, Yes bank, Cambridge university and Bristish council to name a fe

#Mission Possible

“ To be the Microsoft of Gifting.” Giftt Hub is driven by innovative gifting solutions peculiar to client brief with a strong vendor base that spans across India. Our vision is to make a system where a client can choose, customize and gift products effortlessly. Our wide range products are sorted into categories that can be filtered to provide the client with a product that suits their requirement in all aspects.


The Founder Pranav Parekh has a deep expertise in the retail industry and drives vendor management and client servicing at Giftt Hub. A Jack of many trades, Pranav is proficient with all the intricacies from management to operations to marketing. He quit a well paying job to pursue his passion to start a business himself.
    The Co-founder Ketki is an interior designer by profession found interest in this prospect and joined the team. Her creative background propels the product category with fresh ideas for gifting. An outgoing person, she also heads marketing and sales for the Giftt Hub.

#Logo Story

The Hashtag is very popular in our generation and is an icon for trends. The symbol is seamlessly integrated typographically in the name and forms an iconic visual language that brands the company’s products. The symbol also looks similar to a ladder and shows growth and upward movement. The italics font used gives the whole logo a positive direction with the feeling of speed. The colour palette of Purple in combination with gold gives a rich and sophisticated look.